Real Estate Agents

Whether you’re selling or renting out a freshly renovated property, a brand new dream home, or a fix-it-up foreclosure, the most important thing you can do is leave a positive first impression on prospective clients.

As a realtor, the best way to communicate value and make your buyers feel comfortable is to ensure the property is squeaky clean. This is particularly important in newly built or updated properties, as post-construction cleaning removes debris and construction dust that can cause serious health issues down the road.

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Furnace Cleaning
Our specialty is cleaning the air you breathe. Our goal is to make your living space and work environment comfortable and clean, thus improving the health of our clients, their families, and staff. We have extensive training and knowledge cleaning, repairing and installing furnaces, air conditioners, and humidifiers. We only use top of the line equipment and are proud to be known as one of Calgary's only commercial and residential duct cleaning specialists!

We charge:
  $129.99 for one furnace and ten vents
  $9.99 for additional vents
  $19.99 each access panels
  $19.99 environmental disposal
  $49.99 Additional furnace
  $49.99 high efficiency bypass